Learn more about safety planning

A safety plan is a written list of coping strategies and sources of support for people who are at high risk for suicide. The strategies found in your customized safety plan can be used before or during a suicidal crisis. Your safety plan should be brief, written in your own words and easy to read.

The safety plan included in MY3 was adapted from content developed by B. Stanley & G. Brown (2008) and the Department of Veterans Affairs. The full Safety Plan Guide can be found here. The Safety Plan Template can be found here.

Things to consider when creating a safety plan:
Safety plans are best developed in partnership with a mental health clinician. You should consider it one component of your care – it can be revised as new coping skills are learned, or as your social network expands.

When creating your safety plan, you should write it down on paper first; then, once you fully develop and revise your plan, you can input the details into MY3.

As you list the specific activities or strategies you plan to use during a crisis, it’s important to think about how likely you are to actually follow through with these activities. Try your best to create a plan that you would be willing to act upon during a crisis.

Your plan should consist of brief instructions, using your own words, and should be easy to read.